LDCA Monthly Board Meeting March 20, 2021





Lake Diane Community Association

Monthly Board Meeting

March 20, 2021



Roger Giallorati, President

Jim Watt, Treasurer

Kim Byrne, Secretary

Kevin Mack

Jerry Agrusa

Scott Hercula


The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited.

The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati @ 10:00am.

The minutes from the December 12, 2020 meeting were read.  The minutes were approved as written.



Jim presented the treasurer’s report. The report was approved.



To date there are 196 members.



Roger has been in contact with Clarke Aquatic regarding lake weed treatment.  They will apply for the necessary permit, then proceed with scheduling.

The application for the Goose Egg and Nest Destruction permit has been submitted.  Upon approval of the application, we will be notified of the dates for collection.

Water samples will continue to be taken.  Arda Boucher has agreed to collect the sample if the state will be accepting them.  Last year there were no state funds available for testing due to the state not passing the necessary budget.  Clarke Aquatic does do water testing if it becomes necessary for us to outsource.  Roger will request pricing estimates from them.

One of the buoys is still in the water.  One is out for repair.



A load of limestone has been delivered on the north side of the shelter house to prevent erosion.



**Boaters Safety            tbd

Annual Meeting            June 12, 2021

Garage Sales            June 19, 2021

*Fireworks            July 2, 2021 with a rain date of July 4, 2021

Golf Outing            July 24, 2021

Family Picnic            August 7, 2021

*Wine Crawl              September 4, 2021

Kim proposed bringing back a Toys For Tots event; possibly a musical event. 

*LDCA non-sponsored events

**It is unknown if the social distancing mandates will be lifted by the governor in order to hold the class at Lakeview Church.



The paving projects for Cellars (up to Woodbridge) and Woodbridge (from the public access to Cellars) Rds., and Florida Lane in the spring/early summer are on track.



The board has accepted the resignation of Scott Coakley from the board of directors.

At 10:46 Jerry made a motion that the meeting adjourn.  Roger seconded the motion.  A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted:


Kim Byrne