LDCA Monthly Board Meeting August 7, 2020

Lake Diane Community Association

Monthly Board Meeting

August 7, 2020


Members In Attendance:

Roger Giallorati, President

Jim Watt, Treasurer

Kim Byrne, Secretary

Kevin Mack

Scott Hercula


Scott Coakley

Jerry Agrusa

The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited.

The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati at 10AM.

The meeting minutes from the July 11, 2020 monthly board meeting were read. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:

Jim Watt presented the treasurers report. The report was approved as written.

New Member Activity:

To date there are 196 members.

Aquatic Life:

Clarke Aquatic is scheduled for lily pad treatment.

The “No Swimming No Fishing Park Closes At Dusk” signs have arrived.


The surveys of Park A, Lake Diane-Riviera and Park, Lake Diane #2 have been completed. The neighbors of those parks are dissatisfied with the surveys. There are potential liability issues as these neighbors have encroached on the parks with their landscaping.

Dave Hintz is cutting the grass at these parks and his pay will need to be increased accordingly. Roger made a motion to increase Dave Hintz’s pay to $3000 per year. Kim seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the motion passed unanimously.

Hillsdale County Road Commission has not responded to Terry’s multiple attempts to have limestone added for the ongoing maintenance to the end of East Diane Drive.

Calendar of Events:

Nothing new to report.

Old Business:

Nothing new to report.

New Business:

Doug Wittler is in attendance to promote the paving of East Diane Drive and its adjoining roads. Property owners with frontage on any of the proposed roads will pay per linear foot for the paving and improvements. Cellars Road is also included in the petition with the township and county being responsible for the cost. The goal is to have the project completed by July 4, 2021. The purpose of Mr. Wittler’s presentation today is to ask for support of the project from the board. Jim Watt made a motion that Lake Diane Community Association support the paving and improvements of East Diane Drive and adjoining roads. Scott Hercula seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the motion passed unanimously.  

Kevin has collected documentation regarding implementation of a dock ordinance. More discussion is needed with township officials to promote an ordinance to prevent keyholing.

Roger has received a complaint from a resident on Easy Street regarding a camper/trailer on Sue Lynn Circle. Roger informed the resident that it is a burden of the property owners to enforce deed restrictions. The resident neighbor plans to pursue action for removal of the camper/trailer.

Jim Watt proposed a special mailing regarding boater’s safety. There have been multiple complaints regarding unsafe use of watercraft on Lake Diane.


At 11:39 Kim made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Jim seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted:


Kim Byrne