Wildlife (Canada Geese)

Canada Geese

Canada geese are sharing Lake Diane with us. We guidelines to protect Lake Diane from human behavior and as a result Michigan Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the D.N.R. have guidelines to protect Lake Diane from unbalance wild life behavior. Namely, too much poop creates a bacteria and health hazard for all life.

Yearly Population Management

LDCA yearly, in the month of April, obtains a permit from EGLE to perform goose egg population management to ensure Lake Diane remains safe to swim for both people and our wildlife. Trained LDCA members humanly round-up fertilized goose eggs and deconstruct nests so that the population on Lake Diane remains sustainable.  If you are interested in helping locate nests or know of a nest that has been established, please contact the LDCA board so we can properly review and assess the nest.

Additional Information

M-D.N.R Goose Info flyer


There is a small diminishing population of Weevil which eat Milfoil seaweed and help keep Lake Diane weed situation in balance.