January and February Board Meetings Canceled

The LDCA board will not be meeting January 13 or February 10, and will resume regular meetings on March 09 at the Territorial Table and Tavern.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact the LDCA Board our one of our trustees or officers. Annual update and membership renewals will be sent out in late March.


August 2023 Board Minutes

Blue Heron w/ Lake Diane and Cattails



August 12, 2023


Jerry Agrusa, President

Scott Coakley, Vice President

Jim Watt, Treasurer 

Nancy Bell, Secretary

Kevin Mack, Trustee

Chris Sellers, Trustee

Al Vitous, Trustee 



The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by President, Jerry Agrusa at the shelter house.

The minutes from the July 8th monthly board meeting were read by Nancy Bell.  The minutes were approved by Chris Sellers – seconded by Al Vitous.


Jim Watt recited the Treasury Report.    Several bills were paid.  Jim motioned to move some funds to a CD for higher interest rates. Jerry seconded motion. The Treasury Report was approved as written and transfer of funds was approved by all.


Membership is now at 203.



Jerry sent additional requested information to new attorney.  Cliff Bloom will provide options of trailer removal and other items.  Should know more by September or October meeting 


The second spraying of the weeds was done on July 11. The lake looks good and no complaints since that spray.


Jim Watt was contacted about a turnaround by View Drive. When paving the roads, contractors did not blacktop this area.   The road is a much larger area and encroachment could be a possibility in that area.


Kevin Mack did a lot of work at the shelter house and game area for the annual picnic that happened right after the meeting. He stated that the old tower at Chickadee Park is rotten. He suggested to remove and possibly burn.  

We have park surveys and some show encroachment of personal items on park property.  A copy of the survey with letters to adjoining owners will be sent telling them to remove their personal property from park property.  This could be done as early as September 30th.  Then a possible fence or barrier would be placed on the property line.  This is to shown lake owners where the park is they can go on and also to guard and protect both parties.  Chris Sellers made a motion to show park area versus private owners lot. Jim Watt seconded.  A vote was taken and all are in favor.


*Wine Crawl – September 2nd

*Trunk or Treat – October 27th

*LDCA non-sponsored events


Some trailers have been removed. 



Kevin put up No Wake and Speed Limit signs that Chris ordered. One might be moved to an area with more boat traffic, maybe the entrance of Hidden Lake channel.  Kevin was contacted several times by DNR about liking these signs.

If any board members visit a business, ask them if they want to provide a coupon to be put in Welcome Package

Chris Sellers suggested we buy toys to rent out. Great idea but this would be an Association liability. The Halloween Hayride and Winterfest were stopped due to insurance and liability reasons.

Washout of the road on West Diane by Woodbridge was fixed by Hillsdale Road Commission the day after they were contacted.

At 10:11, Jerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim Watt seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Nancy Bell8-12-23 meeting minutes

Annual Family Community Picnic – Aug 12

All residents of Lake Diane welcome to participate in the Annual Picnic and potluck August 12th at the Shelter House.  This is a community wide event and is open to anyone in the community.   (1pm ~ 6pm)

Vollyball Tourney (teams needed)

Cornhole Tourney (teams needed)

Kids Games (at 2pm)

Corn and Hotdogs will be served courtesy of our Lake Diane Community Association from 1pm until they run out

The Shelter House is located at the end of East Diane Drive.

Rain Date is Sunday at 1pm

Weed Respray : July 11th – Tuesday

For the handful of areas that need additional weed treatment (as well as those who paid up later) there will be spot respraying on Tuesday, July 11th.  Location specific signage will be posted.

Community Golf Cart Parade Winners

The winners of the inaugural Golf Cart Parade have been published

Uncle Sam on Ski's

Uncle Sam on Ski’s

First Place : Uncle Sam on Ski’s

red truck golf cart 2nd place

2ND Place

Second Place: Red Truck


Third Place:

Congratulations to all the participants.  Thank you to the volunteer coordinators and judges for making this years parade fun for all!

See the rest of the parade photos here: https://www.lakediane.org/portfolio/1947/

May 20 – Last Day to Pay for Weed Spray!!

To ensure that your area is sprayed for weeds, please make sure to submit payment by May 20, 2023.

Your return and payment is all you need to continue to authorize spraying of your waterfront area.  For members, this is included in your annual dues, for non-members, this is an individual payment.

March 2023 Board Minutes

 MONTHLY BOARD MEETING LDCA-3-11-23 meeting minutes

March 11, 2023


Jerry Agrusa, President

Jim Watt, Treasurer 

Kevin Mack, Trustee

Chris Sellers, Trustee

Al Vitous, Trustee via phone


Scott Coakley, Vice President 

Nancy Bell, Secretary 

The meeting was called to order by President, Jerry Agrusa  at the restaurant – TTT.

The minutes from the last meeting in December 10th monthly board meeting were read by Jerry Agrusa. The minutes were approved by Jim Watt – seconded by Jerry Agrusa with one name correction.


Jim Watt read the Treasury Report. He will look into getting rebate from Consumers Power for power outage at the Shelter House.  Jerry Agrusa approved the report, Kevin Mack seconded.


No change


Clarke has been taken over by another company but will spray Lake Diane in June. We will look for quotes for 2024 spraying 50 feet out.  Our water level is high and this winter had little ice which could increase weed problem.


There are divots by shelter house.  


Jerry and Chris will go around in May verifying amount of trailers.


Nothing reported 

April LDCA Board meeting moved to 04/15

The LDCA board has moved the April meeting from 04/08/2023 to 04/15/2023 and it will take place at the Territorial Table and Tavern – 9:00am.   Goose Egg roundup to help manage the goose and lake bacteria level will take place after the meeting.

Note about recent letters left with some neighbors

Lake Diane Community Residents;

Good Day:

It has come to the attention of the Lake Diane Community Association Board that a notice is circulating regarding rental properties on the lake.

First let me state that the notice is not being circulated in mail boxes by the LDCA Board. We, along with all members present at the annual meeting, were provided the information this past June, but have not reviewed, nor had discussions on the information as a board.

Secondly, any notifications to lake residents for information such as this would be direct mailed to all Lake Diane residents.

Finally, each property has specific deed restrictions for your individual property. We find that most deed restrictions do contain specific language regarding trailer and commercial or rental properties. We suggest that you review your property’s specific deed restrictions to ensure that you are in compliance.

We hope this clears any mis-understanding.

Warm Regards

Jerry Agrusa

LDCA Board President