Association Membership, GoA, and Bylaws

ake Diane Community Association is an elective membership body that seeks to foster, protect, and grow the community that surrounds the waters of Lake Diane.

The Association is open to property owners who have riparian waterfront to Lake Diane. Membership is governed by the  Lake Diane Community Association Bylaws and is for the life of the said ownership of said property pair. If you have new property or changed ownership of property, please update your Grant of Authority.

Our Impact on Lake Diane

Parks Pickelball Court Seaweed Treatment
Boaters Safety Class Annual Picnic and more..


How To Join

To become a contributing and voting member, please read the Bylaws and fill out and return the Grant of Authority to

Treasurer, LDCA
P.O. Box 16
Camden, Ml 49232

Benefits of Membership

As a non-profit organization, membership affords you the ability to help steer how the association applies its resources to better the community. Since we are not a law-enforcement agency, our charter is to perform actions, make statements, and support activities that protect the waters, shores, quality, and safety of Lake Diane. Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced fees for seaweed management and water quality measures
  • Voting seat for all members on the land title
  • Board seat eligibility
  • Priority reservations of the Pavilion/Shelter
  • Contributing to the community including:
    • Fostering and upkeep of our parks and playgrounds
    • Signage, news, and advertisements for activities like water safety and garage sale
    • Sponsorship of Boaters Safety and Certification classes and tests
    • Annual community Picnic
    • Sponsorship of other activities, such as fireworks insurance and fees