LDPOA Monthly Board Meeting August 12, 2017

Lake Diane Property Owners Association

Monthly Board Meeting

August 12, 2017



The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati at 10AM.


Board Members in Attendance:


Roger Giallorati, President

Scott Coakley, Vice President

Jim Watt, Treasurer

Kim Byrne, Secretary

Jerry Agrusa

Rod Anderson

Kevin Mack



The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Kim Byrne, Secretary presented minutes from the July 8, 2017 monthly meeting. The minutes were approved with one minor correction.


Treasurers Report:


Jim Watt, Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report. The report was approved as written.


There has been two past due accounts successfully collected. These two accounts were of the five originally filed in smalls claims court.


Blaine LeBlanc has received a copy of a detailed ledger pertaining to all his lots as requested. He still has not brought his account current.


Aquatic Life:


Clarke Environmental re-treated the lake weeds July 17, 2017. Treatment of the lake weeds will be completed earlier in the spring next year in hopes of a more successful kill prior to the weeds taking control.  Reconsideration will be given next year on which treatment means will be most efficient.




Gary Smith of 13702 Rapalla Crt. has applied for and received authorization to construct an addition.




All eighty-eight letters have been sent to the property owners which will be directly affected by the dredging. There are twelve areas designated for dredging, and eight areas designated for spoils.  Scott is confident the project will begin late fall 2018.







There were two seats replaced on the teeter-totter.


All the soft landing material (sand) has been delivered and placed under the swings at the shelter house park. Photos were taken to submit to the insurance carrier.


Sand has been ordered, but not yet delivered to be shot into the rocks on the shoreline.


Terry has asked for 2X4’s and 2X6’s for the shelter house for winterization. The tarps were in serious disrepair.  We will be constructing wooden enclosures which will be a more permanent solution.  A work day has been scheduled for September 16th @ 8:30AM.  Volunteers are still needed.


Lake Diane Schedule of Events:


The car show originally scheduled for Labor Day weekend has been canceled.


Old Business:


The Shindorf and Johnson camper trailer lawsuits were filed August 7th.  They have been given twenty-one days to respond.  We will proceed with legal proceeding regardless of whether or not their camper trailers are removed within the twenty-one days.


There is a scheduling hearing set for August 28th for the Whitman lawsuit.


New Business:


Bob Christ voiced concern regarding loose pets running out of control. Pet owners are asked to please keep your dog/cat in control at all times.


The LDPOA has been included in the lawsuit between Dan and Shannon Fleck v Jane and John Imo.


There is a growing concern about the lily pads in front of Bill Smith and Arda Boucher’s residence. The lily pads have begun to encroach on the channel.


At 10:46AM, Roger made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.   Jim seconded the motion.  A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted:




Kim Byrne, Secretary