Note about recent letters left with some neighbors

Lake Diane Community Residents;

Good Day:

It has come to the attention of the Lake Diane Community Association Board that a notice is circulating regarding rental properties on the lake.

First let me state that the notice is not being circulated in mail boxes by the LDCA Board. We, along with all members present at the annual meeting, were provided the information this past June, but have not reviewed, nor had discussions on the information as a board.

Secondly, any notifications to lake residents for information such as this would be direct mailed to all Lake Diane residents.

Finally, each property has specific deed restrictions for your individual property. We find that most deed restrictions do contain specific language regarding trailer and commercial or rental properties. We suggest that you review your property’s specific deed restrictions to ensure that you are in compliance.

We hope this clears any mis-understanding.

Warm Regards

Jerry Agrusa

LDCA Board President