LDPOA Monthly Board Meeting October 15, 2016

Lake Diane Property Owners Association

Monthly Board Meeting

October 15, 2016



The meeting was called to order by President Roger Giallorati at 10AM.


Board Members in Attendance:


Roger Giallorati, President

Jim Watt, Treasurer

Kim Byrne, Secretary

Al Vitous

Jerry Agrusa

Scott Coakley

Kevin Mack


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Kim Byrne, Secretary presented minutes from the September 10, 2016 monthly meeting. The minutes were approved as written.


Treasurers Report:


Jim Watt, Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report. The report was approved as written. 


Aquatic Life:


The lily pads have been treated, and the treatment has been effective.


The island on the north end of the lake has gone below the water’s surface. It appears to have broken up, with smaller pieces floating to shore.  The island at the south end of the lake resurfaced, as well.




The Rodgers have retained an attorney, and plan to fight the lawsuit filed against them regarding the use/long term placement of their travel trailers. They are claiming that the statute of limitations has expired.


Al spoke with the county building authority regarding the potential for Scott Preston to construct a storage barn on his lot adjacent to his home. The county has denied the building permit as the two lots are in different subdivisions.






The county drain commission gave permission to raise the lake level by approximately four inches. There is a potential that by raising the water level, there could be less of a need to dredge.


Scott has talked to the DEQ about dredging policies and procedures. There will be at a minimum three permits required.  Scott is hoping to get a permit that will be in effect for five years.  Dredging will only be permissible in the fall due to fish and wildlife habitat.


Bob Christ suggested that Scott document all time and travel for submission to the board for reimbursement. Roger indicated that while there are costs associated with volunteer hours, the board has passed a resolution forbidding reimbursement for time or travel.




The Wine Crawl Committee has purchased the replacement infant swing for the swing set.


Welcome Committee:  


The November meeting will be rescheduled for November 19.


Toys for Tots Breakfast with Santa plans are proceeding. This year’s event will be held at Shore Side Plaza.


Old Business:


Letters went out October 12th to “the top five” past due account holders.  The total of the five accounts is just under $10,000.  There is a court date set for November 14th.


New Business:


Rebecca Finnegan was in attendance to discuss the rash of break-ins within our lake community. Everyone is encouraged to be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity to the police. 


At 11:32AM, Al made a motion that the meeting be adjourned.   Jerry seconded the motion.  A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.




Respectfully Submitted:


Kim Byrne, Secretary