LDPOA Monthly Board Meeting November 19, 2016

Lake Diane Property Owners Association
Monthly Board Meeting
November 19, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Al Vitous at 10AM.

Board Members in Attendance:

Al Vitous, Vice President
Jim Watt, Treasurer
Kim Byrne, Secretary
Jerry Agrusa
Scott Coakley
Kevin Mack


Roger Giallorati

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Kim Byrne, Secretary presented minutes from the October 15, 2016 monthly meeting. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurers Report:

Jim Watt, Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report. The report was approved as written.

Aquatic Life:

Nothing new to report.


Approval was granted to John Gadwood of 14320 Tyson Trail to construct a storage barn on lot #21 Timber Ridge by the building committee. This is a non-member lot, and plans were submitted to the building committee as a courtesy. Ruth Weiss questioned if the building committee/association could be subjecting themselves to a lawsuit by reviewing and approving plans for non-member lots.

Approval was granted to Gary Dayton of 2172 Mindy Lane for construction of a house with attached garage.


Nothing new to report.


Jo Ellen Wright asked if the slide at Chickadee Park was ready for repair. Kevin indicated that he has ordered the parts.

Jody Yoder asked who owns the lot next to Rick Willard. The location is home to a garden and miscellaneous “stuff”. Kevin explained that Lake Diane Property Owners Association owns the lot, and it is technically a park lot which lends itself to use by all members of the association.

Welcome Committee:

Nothing new to report.

Lake Diane Schedule of Events:

The Toys for Tots Breakfast with Santa Event is scheduled as planned. This year the event will be held at Shore Side Plaza as a means to increase visibility.

Kim Byrne is promoting sales of Lake Diane Sprit Wear. Please refer to lakediane.org for the order form.

Old Business:

There were five cases filed to small claims court for non-payment of dues. Of the five cases filed, two defendants have chosen to move their case(s) to district court, one defendant paid, one defendant signed an affidavit with a promise to pay, and one defendant is deceased. Jerry will follow-up with the deceased defendants widow to pursue collection.

New Business:

Jody Yoder and John Kay were in attendance to address the situation with the beavers building dens on the park lot near their properties. They have initiated a resolution to the problem, and came to the board for approval. “Wall Hangers” of Reading Michigan will assess the beaver den, then monitor and trap the beavers for a fee of $150.00. After discussion, Kim Byrne made a motion to approve funds for removal of the beavers on the park lot. Jim Watt seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the motion passed unanimously.

Terry Rupp proposed adding larger rocks to stabilize the shoreline in the spring at an estimate of $800. Jim indicated that funds are available in the park budget. The board agreed to purchase the rocks now, then encourage volunteers to participate in placement in the spring.

Jim Watt presented a letter from the association insurance carrier requesting that there be “ground protection” placed under the large slide and swings at the shelter house park. It was decided that a uniform four inches of sand be placed in said area.

At 10:59AM, Al made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Jim seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Kim Byrne, Secretary