LDCA Monthly Board Meeting May 9, 2020

Lake Diane Community Association
Monthly Board Meeting
May 9, 2020

Roger Giallorati, President
Scott Coakley, Vice President
Jim Watt, Treasurer
Kim Byrne, Secretary
Kevin Mack
Jerry Agrusa
Rod Anderson

The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited.
The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati at 10:10am.
The minutes from the March 14, 2020 meeting were presented by Kim Byrne. The minutes were approved as written.
The treasurers report was presented by Treasurer, Jim Watt. The report was approved as written. Jim reported that the Quickbooks software updates are unavailable. New software will need to be purchased.
New Member Activity: To date there are 190 members.
Aquatic Life:
There were 17 eggs collected for the goose egg collection and nest destruction program. Collection was down due to restrictions placed by the governor due to covid. Lake weeds will be treated the week of June 9, 2020.
The sign at the corner of Easy St. and Territorial Rd. was destroyed due to weather. Scott and Kevin will check it out.
Terry Rupp mowed the park on Monte Carlo Dr. Rick Willard claims that the mulch from the dredging project near Jody Yoder is drifting into the water. Jody Yoder has previously requested that the spoils from said dredging project be spread on the nearest Lake Diane park. Permission has previously been granted by the LDCA board of director’s.
Two loads of limestone need to be delivered at the boat launch near the shelter house. Terry Rupp is checking with the county see if they will deliver them.
Calendar Of Events:
Boater’s Safety – cancelled due to covid
Annual Meeting – June 13th (meeting to be held outside of the shelter house due to covid restrictions)
Garage Sales – June 20th
Golf Outing – July 25th
Annual Picnic – scheduled for August 8th
Dredging: Scott Coakley is applying pressure to the dredger to finalize the project and remove their equipment.
Old Business:
Three trustee positions are available; Scott Coakley, Rod Anderson, Kim Byrne
New Business:
Amboy township has received a complaint from a resident on Harmon Rd. concerning the use of fireworks on the weekends at Lake Diane. Brad Smith has contacted Roger, and asked him to please relay the information to the board for discussion.
There is a need to discuss a dock ordinance with Amboy township.
At 11:14 Kim made a motion to adjourn. Jim seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the meeting adjourned.
Respectfully Submitted:
Kim Byrne, Secretary