March 2024 Monthly Board Minutes



March 9, 2024


Jerry Agrusa, President

Scott Coakley, Vice President

Jim Watt, Treasurer 

Nancy Bell, Secretary

Chris Sellers, Trustee

Al Vitous, Trustee  – via phone


Kevin Mack

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 by President, Jerry Agrusa at TTT.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  The next meeting will be held in April at the restaurant. 

The minutes from the December 12, 2023 monthly board meeting was read by Nancy Bell.  The minutes were approved by Jerry Agrusa – seconded by Scott Coakley.  All in favor.


Jim Watt read the Treasury Report.  The income from the CD started. The treasury report was accepted by Jerry Agrusa and seconded by Al Vitous.   All in favor.

Several LDCA members are past due paying Association dues.  Letters were sent to them reminding them to pay.   A payment was received.  Next step could be a lien on the property, and/or small claims court if not paid by May.  Jim received the proposed park tax bill.  Valuation went up but no dollar increase.  


There wasn’t any change in Membership.


A notice that could extinguish deed restrictions on lakes was received by attorney. A form will be put on the Lake Diane website that needs to be signed to keep it current.  This would prevent a free-for-all going next door to home owners at Lake Diane.  Jerry will call Bambi to get more details.



The Assoc has not received a weed spraying quote from Clarke yet but expect higher rates than last year. Very little ice on lake so more weeds anticipated. Water level is up.  Next discharge will be April/May at a slower rate.   

Geese are moving and just starting to nest. It is earlier this year due to warmer weather.  As of today, Jerry has not received the goose egg permit.  Plans are to collect eggs 2nd and 4th week in April.  There were  as many as 150-200 geese on the lake last summer. Now down to maybe 50.  Volunteers are needed!  The 2024 LDCA Newsletter will tell owners to notify board if they see a nest.  Five people are certified to collect eggs.  Chris will put the collection of goose egg destruction video on the website encouraging people to watch and join the collection of eggs.


Dirt is needed around the pickleball court.


The below will be listed on the 2024 Newsletter:

Goose Egg roundup – April 13 & 27

Boaters Safety Class – June 1st Register at 8:30 am at LakeView UB Church 

LDCA Annual meeting – June 8th

Garage Sale – June 16th

Golf Cart Parade/Rally – July 6th 11:00 registration at Shelter House *

Fireworks  – July 6th (Rain Date July 7th) *

Poker Run – July 7th *

Golf Outing – TBD *

Reverse Raffle – August 3rd *

Family Picnic at the Shelter House – August 10th

Lake Diane Wine Crawl – August 31st *

Poker Run – September 1st *

Trunk or Treat – October 25th *

Music Jam – 3rd Friday in June-September *

*LDCA – non-sponsored events


The finalized 2024 Newsletter and survey will be printed. Flyers adverting the Golf Cart Rally/Parade and Family Picnic will be distributed when collecting funds for fireworks instead of adding with Assoc mailing.  Jim will print 350 copies of each.


There is a new wakeboard act bill 5532 going through approval process. Boats would have to be 500 feet from shore and water must be at least 20 feet deep.  There wouldn’t be any significant areas in Lake Diane that wake boards could legally operate if this new act if passed. 

Discussed was the State might remove 5% annual cap on lake front property taxes.  Long time owners would see the biggest increase.

Chris brought up on line payments, for example, to pay dues. Scott said going door-to-door gets better response for donations.  Older generation probably won’t accept so idea put aside since now is not the time

At 10:31, Jerry made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Chris Sellers seconded the motion. All agreed and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Nancy Bell