LDCA Monthly Board Meeting July 11, 2019

Monthly Board Meeting
July 13, 2019

Roger Giallorati, President
Scott Coakley, Vice President
Jim Watt, Treasurer
Kim Byrne, Secretary
Rod Anderson
Jerry Agrusa
Kevin Mack

The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati at 10:05AM.

Minutes from the June 8, 2019 meeting were presented by Kim Byrne. The minutes were approved as written.

Jim Watt presented the Treasurers Report. The report was approved as written.


Jim reported that the membership drive has maintained status quo. To date there are 176 members.


Treatment of the lake weeds was repeated in certain areas of the lake. Lily pads will be treated in September.

There is no update on the progress of the raising of the level of the lake by 3”. Raising the level of the lake will have a positive impact on the dredging projections.


Scott met with the dredging company Monday. The superintendent has explained that due to the poor spring weather he is behind schedule, with his equipment being tied up on another job.


Amboy Township has passed a resolution at their monthly meeting, July 10, 2019, which will convey all parks to Lake Diane Community Association.

The two swings have been repaired with a donation by Jo Ellen Wright. Jo Ellen has tentatively ordered a new piece of playground equipment.

New signs will need to be posted at the parks warning of no fishing or swimming.


Today is the lake wide picnic organized by Brenda Mack and Diana Coakley.
Golf Outing – July 27th
Family Picnic – August 3rd

The Lake Diane Annual Fireworks will be endorsed by Lake Diane Community Association for Independence Day, 2020. Scott Coakley has volunteered to chair and organize the event. Scott has extensive history with coordination of the Lake Diane fireworks. He has set the date of the display of July 4th, 2020, with the rain date being July 5th. .


Jim Watt reported that Lakeview United Brethren Church has requested that LDCA not pay for the use of space for the Boater’s Safety class.


Kim Byrne has made a new Facebook page for Lake Diane Community Association. Association information will be conveyed regularly through the new page.

At 11:09am Roger made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Kim Byrne