LDCA Monthly Board Meeting, July 10, 2021

Monthly Board Meeting

July 10, 2021



Roger Giallorati, President

Kim Byrne, Secretary

Kevin Mack 

Jerry Agrusa

Nancy Bell

Al Vitous



Jim Watt, Treasurer


The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited.


The meeting was called to order by President, Roger Giallorati at 10am.


The minutes from the June 12, 2021 annual meeting were read. The minutes were approved as written.

Additionally, the minutes from the board of directors meeting immediately following the annual meeting were read. The purpose of the meeting was to elect officers. The minutes were approved as written.



Roger presented the Treasurer’s report. The report was approved as written.



To date there are 204 members.



Lake weeds were re-treated July 7th. It appears as the treatment has been effective. Lake Diane is scheduled for lily pad treatment in the fall.


Michigan Lake and Stream posts all results of water testing for all who are interested in reviewing. Note that the last report showing is 2019. The reason for that is there was no testing for 2020 (due to budget restraints), and 2021 has not yet been completed. The website is: https://micorps.net/lake-monitoring/individual-lake-reports/


Kevin questions why the DNR cannot maintain the lake weeds at the public access on Woodbridge Rd.. Roger indicated that the state will not allow treatment at undeveloped shorelines. Roger will verify this information with Clarke Aquatic.



No new information on the prospect of pickleball courts at the shelter house park.


The play structure at shelter house park has been re-stained by Kathy Agrusa and Nancy Bell. Thank you!


Roger was approached by a potential buyer of the park at Delta Dr.. Brad Smith indicated that if one of the parks was sold, they all would be sold. 


There was a discussion on the parks that have been surveyed, and the parks that need to be surveyed. Roger made a motion that the Woodbridge Rd. park be surveyed at a cost of no more than $800. Jerry seconded the motion. A vote was taken, and the motion passed unanimously.


The board discussed harvesting trees at both the Delta Drive park and Woodbridge Road parks.



Roger presented a list of property owners whom received letters from attorney Kimm Burger regarding non-conforming camping trailers. Roger will instruct Ms. Burger to proceed with court hearings for all non-compliant property owners.  



Golf Outing – July 24th

Annual Picnic – August 7th

*Wine Crawl – September 4th

*LDCA non-sponsored event



The road project has not yet begun. It is scheduled to begin Monday next. Prep will take 4-6 weeks, with paving taking 2 weeks. The speed of travelers once the road is paved is a real concern.



Via Roger Giallorati, Jim Watt proposed bringing back the Lake Diane Welcome Packets. Nancy Bell volunteered to chair.


The board of directors extends their sympathy to the family of former lake resident and board member, Ray Neely.


At 11:25 Roger made a motion to adjourn. Jerry seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted:


Kim Byrne, Secretary