December 2022 Board Minutes

page1image45774032LDCA12-10-22 meeting minutes



Jerry Agrusa, President Jim Watt, Treasurer Nancy Bell, Secretary Kevin Mack, Trustee Chris Sellers, Trustee


Scott Coakley, Vice President Al Vitous, Trustee

The meeting was called to order by President, Jerry Agrusa at 9:17 am at the restaurant – TTT.

The minutes from the 11-12-2002 monthly board meeting were read by Nancy Bell. The minutes were approved by Jerry Agrusa – seconded by Jim Watt/Kevin Mack. No changes were made.


Jim Watt presented the treasury report. Received tax bill due in February. Chris Sellers motioned to approve report – Jerry Agrusa seconded.


2 New Members/2 members sold. Stands at 199


Clarke contract ends in 2023. Will look into getting quotes from Clarke and other companies. One that was mentioned and Irish Hills area uses has contracts for 7 years and drones to view weeds in the lake. LD has 15 different species of Lilly pads, 11 are invasive. Can only reduce by 40%. There is 11.7 miles of shoreline. If spraying 30ft out, that is 42 1/2 acres. If spraying 50 feet out, spraying acres increases to approx 71 acres.


Nothing reported


Item tabled till next Spring


2023 activities will be listed on Spring Newsletter.
they want Poker Run and Trunk or Treat listed on newsletter.

Nancy will contact Friends of LD to see if


In 2022, there were 19 packages to new home owners. 4 Homes are being built and 1 house is for sale at the time of the December meeting.


Only small amount of water over the dam is being released daily for a couple of days instead of at one time. GPS to measure by the tenths of feet is needed for elevation. Cost is $500-$600.


Unsure where fireworks will be blown off in 2023. 2022 site is up for sale.
A motion was made to have Roger removed from the bank by Jim Watt-seconded by Chris Sellers.
A draft of the Spring Newsletter was started. Final one doesn’t have to be completed till March.
Next LDCA tentatively to be held in March, 2023.
Beginning of April is ideal for collection of goose eggs.

A list of topics has been started to discuss at annual meeting in June.

At 10:26, Jerry Agrusa made a motion to adjourn. Jim Watt/Chris Sellers seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted: Nancy Bell

LDCA Monthly Board Meeting, April 09, 2022

Lake Diane Community Association – April 9, 2022

Board Members Present:

Vice President -Jerry Agrusa

Jim Watt, Tresurer

Nancy Bell

Al Vitous, via phone

Not Present: Kevin Mack, Kim Byrne

The meeting was called to order at 10:04 by Jerry Agrusa

The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Jim Watt presented his monthly report and it was accepted as read.

Old Business:

1. Aquatic Life – discussed spraying contract, 2 years ago our cost was $27.500. Increase is about 40%. When a home owner signs the check to make their payment, that serves as permission. No additional signatures are needed. No spraying before June 1″ is our practice.

2. The signs for our lake out on Territorial Road have both come down, is there anyone who wants to repair them?

3. The current calendars have gone out with our annual bills,.

New Business:

1. Our Annual Goose Removal Permit has arrived. We have until April 16th30th to do our nest destruction

1. Jerry moved to change our fiscal year to match the calendar year. This will be on the agenda for our annual meeting.

2. Plans for the fireworks were discussed. The applications are on file with the Township.

At 10:30 Jerry moved to adjourn the meeting, Nancy seconded the motion.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Watt